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Mastering Uncertainty and Risk in Unconventional Reservoir Assessment

The 2023 Eastern Regional Meeting is proud to host Creties Jenkins of Rose and Associates who will be leading a half-day short course on risk management in unconventional plays, including shales, coals, tight sandstones and carbonates.

The course will be taught on Tuesday, October 3rd. Refreshments and printed materials will be provided. Detailed course agenda below.

Creties Jenkins

Creties Jenkins

Partner, Rose and Associates

Creties Jenkins (P.E., P.G.) is a Partner with Rose and Associates where he specializes in the characterization of unconventional reservoirs. His expertise includes integrated studies, resource assessments, and project assurance. Over the past decade, he has focused on mitigating project uncertainty and risk, helping dozens of companies become more objective in their evaluations and more realistic in their expectations.


Creties has served as a Technical Editor, Distinguished Lecturer and Distinguished Author for SPE and is a co-author of SPEE Monograph 4: Estimating Ultimate Recovery of Developed Wells in Low-Permeability Reservoirs.

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