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Why Sponsor The SPE Eastern Regional Meeting?

  • Connect and Grow: With an average of about 250 attendees each year, the Eastern Regional Meeting serves as the prime gathering for industry professionals in the Appalachian basin. It's a hub where you can mingle with fellow peers, exhibitors, and operators, expanding your network and raising awareness for your organization. Plus, your sponsorship ensures year-round recognition among not just event attendees, but also through monthly SPE meetings and communications.

  • Investing in the Future: One of the most impactful ways SPE contributes is by nurturing the next generation of industry leaders through scholarships and mentorship programs. Your support helps sustain these initiatives for years to come, shaping the future of oil and gas education and innovation.


  • Driving Innovation: By backing the Eastern Regional Meeting, your organization plays a crucial role in keeping our region at the forefront of technological advancements. Each year, this event serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge ideas and solutions in drilling, completions, and production. Your involvement ensures that we remain competitive and adaptive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.


  • Community Engagement: Beyond business transactions, being part of this event is about fostering community connections. Whether you're from the local area or joining us from across the country or globe, the Eastern Regional Meeting provides a unique opportunity to engage with colleagues and industry professionals. In an era where natural gas production is paramount to our economy and lifestyle, your active participation underscores your commitment to the collective success of the Appalachian oil and gas community.

Neil Boyer


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