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Why Sponsor The SPE Eastern Regional Meeting?

  • Positive Exposure – The Eastern Regional Meeting is the largest SPE event in the Appalachian basin each year, drawing an average of approximately 250 attendees each year. This meeting provides a wide variety of industry personnel, exhibitors, and operators throughout the region to network with their peers and raise awareness of their organizations. As a sponsor, your company will be recognized by not only the hundreds whom attend the event, but those that attend monthly SPE meetings and receive SPE emails throughout the year leading up to and after the event.​                                                                   

  • Supporting the Future – The most important act SPE performs is supporting our future through scholarship giving and mentoring those currently enrolled in oil and gas based scholastic programs. Over the last 40 years since its establishment, the East Kentucky Section of SPE has been able to give over $350,000 in scholarships and support to deserving students at local college petroleum engineering programs. Your contribution will allow our section to continue upholding this responsibility for years to come.                                                        

  • ​Spreading New Technology and Ideas – Financial support of the Eastern Regional Meeting means your organization provides our region with the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of technological innovations and the new ideas presented each year. Your organization and the Appalachian Basin rely on leading technology and ideas to keep us ahead of the curve in a competitive industry, and the ability to host a robust technical program from industry leaders each year during this meeting is key to stay abreast of the latest technologies and solutions to drilling, completions and production as well as new energies such as CCUS and hydrogen.                       

  • Staying Active in the Community – Being active in the community and attending the event is one of the best ways to keep in touch with colleagues in your area and industry professionals beyond, as many exhibitors, sponsors and general attendees venture to the ERM from around the country and the globe. This ensures that your organization and workforce are an active part of the ventures of the greater Appalachian oil and gas industry, especially at a time when natural gas production is such a crucial issue to our collective economy and way of life.

Neil Boyer

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